Friday, March 10, 2006

The art…..

Heard someone saying….. “Cooking ! I don’t even know how to boil an egg !”
Nothing unusual..20 plus “dainty ladies” boasting about not knowing how to boil tea or eggs……the “delicate darlings”, all set to “rule” the world ! How elite !
Who said one needed to know even the nominal cooking to survive in this world?

What we fail to realize that one needs to know at least the basics, at least for oneself if not for your husband ( this is how girls usually scorn….. “are we gonna turn into cooks for our husbands ? No way !)

The real essence lies in treating it as an art – doing everything with interest and finesse, giving it your best shot…..the creative you and the use of your sensory powers and you are sure never to go wrong. I consider myself one among the privileged few who developed a liking and an interest for this art quite early in life ( though I’m slightly losing the much needed patience ). Can’t say that I started preparing early, keeping in mind that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It just fascinated me and the praise that I’d get was the added bonus !
I remember all my friends telling me that my husband would be very lucky to have me as a wife simply b’cos I cooked well. However, it’s a different story altogether now, given that he is a far better cook and a better food critic as well.
But then, I’m ready to enjoy the privileges of sharing my life with a perfectionist……hope he’ll help me excel too!

Just realized the magic of good food….this is it! Am ending on such an optimistic cheerful note even though I began on a terribly scornful one. Well, the very thought of good food is enough to make me smile :).
And for all those delicate darlings yet to learn the art of boiling eggs, make sure that your husband is patient enough to hear you through this dialogue, and secondly make sure he knows cooking and is willing to teach you as well. Otherwise, you must be at least well off enough to have perfect “kitchen crew” who’d never go on a single leave …..cos of course, you don’t even know how to boil tea! Happy “dependence on servants” to you !

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Unkool said...

very sensible,very very sensible indeed!I'm tired of extremist points of view myself,whether its feminists fighting for women's lib or chauvinists trying to prevent them from doing so.