Sunday, January 27, 2008

Halla Bol !!

While life has going on with its own pace, I've had quite a learning experience the last one year. I've discovered new facets of my personality, have come closer to myself, in fact so much so that there was a need to share my feelings with anyone. Its been a state of perfect contentment during this time that i spent with myself, doing things that i liked, the way i wished, thinking about what i want to do with my life specially the larger aspect of the vision and mission of life so to speak. There was no urge to basically write out my confusions the way it was through my blogs all this while until off course.....Halla Bol.

If I were to talk about the turning points in my life, this movie would be one of them. Not because its a well made commercial flick or the story is great...but simply because the theme was in resonance with what my soul had been crying out for all this while. The lines, the dialogues had me thinking for a long time..in fact I'm still under the spell of the movie. The only thing that i wish is that the spell shouldn't die. I couldnt stop crying for at least half an hour after the movie. Let me tell you that I'm not one of those emotional ones to shed tears with everyone melodramatic scene. The after-thoughts related to this one however had me in tears more so with remorse. It made me feel so small, so frivolous and absolutely shallow. The issue that it raised was small, but the larger implications did not escape the theme.How many of us actually think about issues or problems beyond our very narrow personal space?

So true...we have a small life and we waste it in frivilous small things and then we die..like the millions of insects or animals around us. Are we any different? Whats the use of our intellect, our feelings, our ability to feel for others and empathise..? We are all reduced to being one of the animals..fighting for our life, struggling for the material things and finally dying with even more discontment within our heart, regretting things that we couldnt do and comforts that we couldnt afford in this life. How many of us actually do things that make a difference, not just to ourselves but to the society? How many times do we actually think beyond ourselves..and think of ourselves as an extension to this society that we are a part of? We need to do things not as a favour to the society but because its our duty and because we need to contribute to the betterment of our lives and that of the generations to come after us.

There is no end to the innumerable frivolous problems that we find ourselves trapped in. All struggling for a house of our own, a nice car, the latest laptop, music system, i-pod and television available in the market..and the list goes on. Struggling with planning for the future, saving for the problems that might never trouble us, saving for old age, saving for our kids....
And then there's this never ending chain of loans and EMI's and investments...... These are all that take up most of our time and mind.And for the lucky ones who dont's seem to be involved in so much of these problems, they talk about the latest gizmos they've bought or plan to buy, the latest trips that they plan to go for... How else do you enjoy life?
Everytime i'm in a group and everywhere i hear people talk, there is nothing beyond these set of things that are being talked of. All of us live, struggle for a fairly decent life and then die...without leaving any trace behind them...dying a forgettable life. Neither they nor their work sustains the vagaries of time... How different is our life as humans then? Even dogs and insects struggle for their life, survive and die.

Time to think.