Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Its a new life...and it feels great to be alive!!!

Its reallly been long....and suddenly going through my old posts i realised they aren't so "alive" after all! The phrase remains the same but the tone has changed now. Its bright and exuberant "I'm alive" post motherhood.

Motherhood is fun!! Its the best thing that can happen to any woman. Life gets a new meaning, full of joy, wonder, excitement and unadulterated innocent pleasure.

The act of giving birth is the only moment when both pain and pleasure converge in a moment of time. It is in the manner of the sharp point of a needle, astride upon that point are both pleasure and pain, simultaneously assailing the female that is undergoing the miracle of childbirth.

I will not undermine the hard work and the efforts that go in raising a child. And yet, raising a child is the hardest, most responsible and satisfying task a human being can face. The unconditional love and warmth that a child expresses is amazing.

My own experience with my bundle of joy has been quite satisfying. I so thoroughly enjoyed the nine months carrying my baby within me, feeling happier with each passing day. Even the nausea and morning sickness (evening sickness in my case) failed to tire me. I was up and ready for the next meal immediately after throwing up my last J

The entire journey after finally holding my little bunny boy has been ecstatic. Days seem to have flown….and how!! There was so much to do and so much to plan..and I still couldn’t have enough of my baby despite 24*7 with him.

It will be two years in next two weeks that I held him for the first time and every single moment after that has been the best one till the next. The innocent charm, the incoherent words, the pranks, the wet kisses and the tiny hugs, every moment is like bliss and I feel so lucky to be living and experiencing this aspect of life. The constant rush to get home and hug my little hero is so great that no work feels important enough to hold me beyond 6 pm!! Rushing back again……ciao!!!