Tuesday, September 06, 2005


(Dedicated to dear Sohini.......)

caught in a limbo
between a murky past
and a quick sand of unfathomable dreams
enmeshed in a whirlpool of gyrating hopes
i stagger
crippled by the maze of unbridled whims
i fall into the pitfalls of delusion
did i uncork the champaigne too soon?
i stumble.
daunted by the calm before the tempest
intimidated by the still waters that run deep
i falter,
plunged in a quagmire of dwindly hopes
life goes berserk
when things fall apart
when reality hits hard --
blinded by the fallacies of vision
i grope for a promising morn
life is but a delusion
a mirage of scintillating hopes
a blind alley of thwarted dreams
yes, a glimmer of sun is all i seek
beyond the horizon
where the earth and the sky meet
isn't it darkest before dawn?
isn't every wall a door?
i believed it so.
but can i still do?

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