Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hollow Men

hollow men.....all around
voices everywhere,
yet no sound.
the eerie noise,
the shriek of silence
gracing my life
with icy fire and firy cold
this bundle of contradictions is what remains,
and nothing to hold.

i see them floating ,as i drag along
trying to escape from the blinding light.....
all day long,
and throughout the night.
invisible colours,the visible dark
no escape,no possible rescue,
we need another Noah's ark !

the cruel world....
no one'll let you alone
but disturb the still waters.....
with a stone.
each hand contributing its share,
till yu are out of breath
even in fresh air !

helpless in the lone strife
as firefly with honey,
try as much,but
one cannot escape destiny.
the blood within may boil or curdle
there still wont be any hand
to steer through the hurdle !

the sweet delirium that it was
amidst the cloud of haze,enveloped in love
now sees me in an empty space -
all clear - just me hanging...
amidst a nowhere !
the calm waters......they surely run deep,
and the rocky terrain,over which i creep....

the bloody body
all battered and bruised,
but the soul still hopeful
for the years unused.....
do i mind the extruciating pain....
even when i've lost all that i ever wanted to gain!

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