Thursday, June 22, 2006

About "fashion freedom"

Baba wrote this for the NGO he is involved with. I am a part of this.......are you???
Trying for more participation and encouragement for this noble cause.

“Fashion Freedom”

“Let the color be with them once”

Incredible India Enables the Fashion World in association with All India Life line society and Sanlika events, a business associate of the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT).

An entirely Indian theme where the disabled people will bring forth the latest trends of fashion before the world with topmost models from India.

“Fashion Freedom” brings to you an opportunity to witness the world of fashion in new color and vigor. India with its multidimensional Color and culture will be presented to you in the form of landscape by our special models with disability.

Richness of Indian heritage on ramp, an opportunity to witness the clouds of Assam, the heights of Himalayas, the back waters of Kerala, folk dresses of Santhals , energy of Punjab, calmness of Gujarat, the ekatas of Orissa in ‘tana’ and ‘bana’ of south and the north.

“Fashion Freedom” will be the first of its kind fashion show to be staged at these destinations, where models with disability will test their mettle along with professional models.

The participation of these special models in these fashion shows intends to awaken and stimulate people to look and think differently about disabled people and their hitherto unexplored potential.

“Fashion Freedom” tries to draw the picturesque India on fashion canvas for the first time, which is no way lesser than any fashion show. In fact by our experience we are aware that it becomes a much discussed and reported event in the media and the society.

Its an amalgamation of trends - a theme that touches the inner core of our conscience, an effort to present beauty in most beautiful way, a dimension added to world of fashion.

The whole concept is packaged in such a way that the Glamour and Fashion remains the prime focus as in any other show, while at the same time our special models would really make it Implausible on a stretched fashion canvas.

Our last event that was held in Delhi created a tremendous hype and a live coverage was primed by Zee News. Our main motto is to take this success to further shores of the society and make this a global movement whereby the shows in Dubai and London (to start with) would be a benchmark for other international destinations to follow.
Let the liquidity of thoughts take a shape in imaginary precincts, stitched together with the theme “Incredible India” by incredible models, igniting the ramps for a cause that needs your support.

We would seek possible tie up’s with NGO’s of International repute working for similar cause in the region / country where these events would be showcased. Apart from proposing the theme “Incredible India” before nations of the world to promote the tourism and sharing colors of India, one of our prime objectives lies in to promote not only the event but also to encourage the “special” models of that region/country by their active participation, besides contributing some proceeds from the show to the NGO’s to further the noble cause.

It is a unique opportunity for anybody and everybody – especially the Global Corporates/MNC’s/Govt organizations/Individuals to not only associate themselves with an event that caters to the intellect of one and all, but also to bring a path – breaking, innovative event to the industry

This unique concept with a strong social message can reach its zenith by your active participation, support and co-operation.

About Us

· International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), the premiere fashion institution of India imparting fashion education, is in its 16th year now, with over 35,000 working professionals serving the Indian garment industry in over 500 companies worldwide. I.I.F.T. is also an ISO 9001-2000 certified institution for imparting quality education having over 50 branches in India and abroad.

· Each year IIFT organizes its Annual Fashion Show event where country’s top notch models present the collection prepared by its final year students. These events are one of the few premiere fashion events of the country and are keenly watched and attended by the who’s who of the fashion industry at large.

· Sanlika Events, however, has added a new dimension to these Fashion Shows in developing the concept of Fashion Freedom and are the Global Event Managers for the same.

· All India Life Line society is an NGO registered in New Delhi, working in multiple field to promote the healthy life at large, its prime focus is promoting health related activities among Indian masses, and promote low priced cure for major diseases.