Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adapting to the change...

Bhownku’s getting more and more “human” these days, to the extent of testing my patience. These days he insists on sleeping in our bed, right next to me! Baba has definitely spoilt him. As if the dog hair all over the house was not enough to keep me occupied with the back-breaking cleaning every morning! Now I can feel it all over my bed, black and pricky, shining all over the sheets. He’s such a “nawab”, he’s actually quite prompt in taking the best place right in front of the cooler, refusing to budge an inch. All my efforts trying to keep him out of my bedroom have fallen flat, for even if I succeed for a few minutes, his incessant knock at the door is so irritating that its easier to have him inside the room. What more, he thinks I’m the villain in the house trying to keep him away from his Baba!
Baba refuses to chain him, and it gets quite painful for those who take him out for evening and morning walks. At least he climbs the stairs himself now, thankfully.
Perhaps he’s missing his girlfriend quite a bit. Will ask Baba to take him to Air force station to meet her someday, but then that would mean more of dog vomit in the car and same struggle trying to get Bhownku back home. Nah….bribing Bhownku is a better option.

The other day Baba took Bhownku for a late night walk. There was this person from our own society, driving this “Honda City” who stopped by and almost shouted, “who’s dog is this?”
Baba kept quite for a while, and then said that the dog lives in 5D and he was in the service of the dog. The man mellowed slightly and said that even he had a dog, a “German Sheppard”. “There’s a difference between the breeds you see”. Baba immediately supported, “of course there’s a difference between breeds. You shouted the moment you saw Bhownku, while he didn’t on seeing you.”
The man started his car and left immediately. He’ll know better than to argue with Baba from next time, or call Bhownku an ordinary dog. Baba’ll make sure everyone respects his Bhownku from next time.

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