Friday, June 23, 2006

Marry a murderer - I did not

The hand that caressed me once
Didn’t seem friendly anymore
Felt them throttling me
….i kept thinking about those days of the yore…..

The early ties that were strong –
The memories still lingered on.
But the imprints of the wrong were stronger still,
The night had shadowed the morn !

“Holier than thou”, I say I am not
But slaughter one of my own…..i cannot.
Yet the yoke that supported me
Was stifling me every second
Helpless and cheated, I knew it was over
…beyond any regret or amend.
Living on amidst such humiliation and infamy –
My life I wanted to end…..

The pain was immense, the sores were deep
And yet I had two flowers to keep.
They looked up to me,
Their imploring wide innocent eyes…
I hugged them close
They were the little angels in my life
I’ll live for them, even with sighs.

Their tiny hands in mine,
I feel stronger.
I have a mission to live for-
To banish gunshots from their life
And fill it with sweet sounds of chime.
I will be their caring mother,
Till the end of time.
The world might be plagued with enough of crime
But I’ll take care it doesn’t cloud
Their untampered innocent minds.

Shelter them from the harsh scathing remarks
I’ll take them to paradise
And while the world scorns their tainted ties,
They will live and rise….
Far above all these lies !