Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gone with the wind.....

Those were the days….when even amidst classes and assignments I could grab a few hours of sleep, enjoy some blissful moments with friends and the solitude of the terrace, when there was no work but to eat and sleep and study at times…….
Life’s taken a turn now……gone are those days of leisure and fun and freedom. No longer can I scream the way I used to, or make faces at each other, get into playful fistfights and a lot more things…..
Life’s become a lot more disciplined, with me becoming the well-behaved perfect Indian bride, the ever smiling ever patient good soul. There’s work, work, more work and some more work…..at home, in the office….everywhere. The terrace at home which was supposed to be the high point while selecting the house, lies neglected as I have been there just twice till today! The television which I missed so badly in the hostel has barely had 10 minutes of my time till date……
The same goes for the broadband connection at home……No time to even check my mails at home!
Always thought that once I’m over with studies, I’ll read lots and lots of novels the whole day. Today I have cupboards full of all kinds of books, but no time. Only if I had more time…..i could do so much more, so many things that I’ve always wanted to…listen to music, read books, paint, sketch, laze around, gaze at the moon from the terrace....the list is endless……but not the time. Time is slipping away….leaving me a lot more insatiate, dissatisfied, with a feeling of chaos deep within.

One of the old friends called up today….and asked me how and when did I get married. Also asked about the person she had seen me with at Nirula’s in the university campus some two years ago……Those old days keep coming back. I still wonder if I’d want that life back..those three wonderful years of my life….friends, hostel, the lawns library…everything. Ahhh yes, the yummy chicken momos! Its actually been sooo long…..
Can I have a time machine please??

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